Web Solutions

Dynamic Websites


Developing all our Websites using HTML, CSS and Bootstrap helps us develop creative and adaptable websites. The Use of Bootstrap helps design websites that don't just work on a computer, but also adapt to Tablets and Mobile phone screens, without having to write different pages for each type of device. Below is an example of the different sizes

Full Size  Tablet Size  Phone Size

We can develop bespoke Templates that fit your designs and Logos to give you the best and most clear web front end

Data Driven

With over 20 years of experience of Web development we know create our websites so that they are all data driven. This means that all the important content for your website is held securely in a database and content can be changed directly from our content management system console.


Content Management

CMS console 

Within the CMS Console we can add, delete and Update all the webpages and upload images so that you can manage your content from one place. We have embeded a Tinymce Document editor into our code, so that editing your website, is fast, easy and feels like your are updating any other document.

Other features we can offer with our CMS is the ability to produce JSON data so that your Website data can also be sent to one of our bespoke Mobile applications, that can be offered for Apple (IOS) & Android Mobile phones.