Mobile Solutions

Development of Bespoke Solutions

With the increasing use of mobile technology we can provide with a Off the shelf or Bespoke Mobile Solution that Suits your needs

Developing Native and Dynamic Data means that Your app can provide data to your Users and be constantly updated using out Content Management System.

With our experience in a Large Scale Mobile development, we understand the complex nature of Public and Private Sector Organisations and the complexity that security brings to a project

Off the Shelf Solutions

The Electronic Pocket NoteBook ePNB - The system started life as a home programming Projector for our Director Paul Kostic. After Showing his work and the idea behind it, it was picked up and used as an integrated digital Pocket Notebook for 3 UK Police forces. The simple system based on the Police Officers original paper based pocket notebook, allows users to write notes, take pictures, add audio, Signatures and sketches. The design lends itself to also be able to be see live time by super users, allows the user to print off a PDF of work that they have entered and works on an android application and desktop using the internet.

Activity Capture - the App is a derivative of ePNB and allows users to capture activities that they conduct through a working day. This system has been created so that Organisations can carry out time and motion analysis on their workforce, with little or no impact on their employees and allowing them to use their own mobile phones.